Friday 23 February 2018
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How to Join OneLife OneCoin Network?

Registration at OneLife-OneCoin is only available through invitation link, providing you all necessary information to succeed in the world of cryptocurrency.

“The sooner you join the faster you will MAKE IT HAPPEN.”

“Let your dreams to become reality,take a deep breath and embrace such an amazing opportunity,which happens once in a while.”

I will show you some steps how to Join and become a part of such an awesome OneLife-OneCoin family !


1. Create an account: Click on join now below


Note: When you make account,remember that I will be your upliner(direct sponsor) and I will guide you through whole OneCoin concept !

2.Fill up the form and after it click on button Get Started

Corporate person need to check box > Corporate client

3. After you fill up all required information for registration,you will get confirmation link in your mail to Verify your OneCoin account !

-Click on that confirmation link to verify your account

4.After confirming your account you will get your status Rookie

5. Click on Shop button to buy your gift codes

( explained in my post > OneCoin ONLINE STORE )

or you can choose Upgrade Package

-I showed in my post Packages all current packages and every OneCoin product individually

Note: If you pay via Bank Wire Transfer – Please Follow this instructions

These packages are in Euro currency so when you send your bank wire, make sure you are sending this amount in Euros if you are from Europe. People from Asia can buy their packages with Euros and US Dollars and people from Africa also. Make sure you are sending off the correct amount. You MUST include your account username in Invoice form.

I can send Invoice Form via Mail or Skype !

Note: As for members in Canada, USA, Australia and Latin America,please note that the bank wires take more time to be received.
You should choose the bank wire option or the PM (perfect money) payment method if you have a PM account .

Check currencies in OneLife office-It’s varies,depend of exchange rate (Shop section)

Important: I recommend paying in EUR because of it’s stability in currency !

Bank Information can be obtained in your Back Office,but I will show you now,check pics below !


New EU bank in next couple of weeks. Use Asia banking account for now.


Very Important: You will pay whatever fees your bank will charge you in sending the wire. Make sure to send the exact Euro or Dollar amount of the package which you purchase.

For any question about proper registration or any other question do not hesitate to contact me !

“Make sure to live the life you always dreamed of and get started today”